Dan's Story 

To start with I wasn't sure I could actually do this. The outdoors bootcamp style isn't something I was used to at all. I have had bad experiences with personal trainers and gyms before, so to say I was nervous would be an understatement. All of these worries and anxieties soon went away when I started working with you and I was made to feel at ease and comfortable in the environment I was in. You have the patience of a saint and made time to answer ALL of my questions. Your knowledge and experience is outstanding and alongside all of this, you inspired and motivated me to keep pushing and striving to be the best I could be. Your communication during, after and between sessions was excellent and ensured I stayed on track. Due to all of your support and guidance, I am now more educated which ultimately supported my achievements. My goal was to lose weight.  Aiming to lose about two stone in three months. Never did I think I would lose four stone! Also was to increase my level of fitness. Prior to the programme I would get out of breath going up the stairs. Now I can achieve eight laps of the obstacle course in a session and my recovery time is much quicker than before.

 *I have lost four stone in three months

*I have dramatically improved my fitness

*My confidence has gone through the roof

*I have a better knowledge about fitness

*Eating habits have drastically improved 

*My mental and physical health has improved

*My Sleep pattern is more natural

*All in all I'm a happier and healthier person

Daniel Baker's results 
67.6 cms off measurements 
9% body fat loss
19.6kgs loss

 A massive thank you to Russell for seeing me through this 12 week body transformation and making me feel better about myself. It was tough at times but he gave me the confidence and self belief to keep going.