Frenchie's Story 

I never lifted weight before, I have done Mibootcamp 6 weeks challenge so I had already started to make change on my diet but I was curious to see the difference the exercise would have on my body.
I LOVED IT!! You can see the progress you are making week after week as you are able to do more reps and lift heavier every time.
I feel stronger, not only as having stronger arms and legs as you would expect, but my core and my back feel stronger. In just 6 weeks I have felt an improvement in my posture, the weakness in my pelvis and hip due to both pregnancies is nearly totally gone. I feel like my “new” muscle are supporting me properly again.
Working in same small group is great as you push each other along sometimes with kind words, sometimes by teasing their inner competitor and doing that 1 extra rep ah ah ah.
There is NOTHING like working out in the fresh air and having a laugh with nice supportive people… and Russell 😊!
Also, the 8pm session is perfect for me as a mum of children with busy sport schedule. I can meet their needs, feed them etc… and then come to Bootcamp and work out all the stress away.
I cannot recommend it enough! I am stronger, fitter, thinner and all around happier.