Ian's Story 

I am so happy in and with myself after just finishing the 6 week lean plan. But my journey has stretched over the last 12 months with Russel. Since returning back to mi bootcamp March 2018, weighing in at a disgusting 17st 3lb. Work commitments meant I had to take some time away from bootcamp after being a long-standing regular (Head-boy!) So returning to bootcamp, when life changes allowed me to, at that whopping weight, didn’t fill me with dread as I knew Russell’s programmes, encouragement, enthusiasm and perseverance would get me there, only if I could reciprocate and give him back the motivation, drive and dedication to get those scales to tell me what I wanted to see. 

17st 3lb soon became 16st 3lb (see pic)
Winter came and went and the festive eating season saw me yo-yo around 14st 11lb and 14st 13lb. So after the new break it was back ‘on it’. Come end of Feb 19 (the start of Mi Lean Plan) I had Plato’d at 14st 8lb, I set my goal weight (14st) became a platinum member, took my before pic and subbed Mon, Wed and Sat bootcamp for weight training. I took the platinum membership, so I could attend bootcamp on my off nights, sometimes attending 6 sessions a week! After seeing the benefits in taking my pic at 14st 8lb vs my first pic at 16st 3lb I planned to take pics throughout after weigh-in. Week on week my power to lift more and heavier weights increased and my skeletal muscle mass increased accordingly. I maintained getting as much water in me as possible, while sticking to a healthy high protein, high fibre, low unrefined carb diet- in the week and treated myself at weekends with meals out, takeaway etc basically normal food and DRINK sometimes lots of DRINK! This was important to me for it to be sustainable, as this is a life style I want to maintain, not a fad where I intend to return to the elephant who returned to bootcamp at 17st 03lb.

At week 5, I was overwhelmed when the scales told me I had achieved my target weight and saw the magic 13st 8.8lb so to then get to 13st 11.2lb in my final week was amazing. I can’t wait for my next plan to start Thank you Rusty, Claire and Mr Youngman and my spotter Mr Ling!!!