Lorna's Story 

I joined the lean muscle plan not really knowing what to expect, but really glad I did! 
Russell is very supportive and so are all the other 11 members in the group. The session time of 5:45pm is great too as it doesn’t give you the time indoors to get warm and settled before going out in the cold which is always a struggle. Home from work, change and out again.
I always thought that lifting weights put on weight as muscle is heavier than fat, and yes that might well be the case but I lost weight and toned my body too. I have tried to do plenty of walking to compliment the lean muscle plan which has made me get out and about, I can get 4 miles in on my lunch hour! That’s got to be better than sitting in the coffee shop. The recipes that we were given are great and most are easy to follow. I have involved my kids in making the recipes and they are enjoying trying different foods too, so this has become a change for the complete family. I have just signed up for another 6 weeks and I would encourage everyone to try this.