Welcome to Mibootcamp Personal Training

Are you looking to lose weight, tone up and generally get fit - perhaps with that Summer Holiday you've just booked in mind?

It's keeping to a programme that is sometimes the hard part. Most people need a bit of encouragement. Many people need a bit of help. The majority of people also lead busy hectic lives and fitting in or finding the right time to keep to those resolutions is often a determining factor in keeping to them... and that's where a Personal Trainer comes in.


Introducing Personal Training with a plan that fits around you

We can usually arrange sessions for you at a time that fits in with your busy schedule and set you goals that will help you with your objectives . . . and make sure you enjoy them as well which is more than half the battle.

Free Initial Session

I'll be happy to meet with you for an initial free session in order to advise you on a potential programme to help you meet your fitness objectives for the year


If you then wish to proceed we will devise a programme for you and we can arrange a series of sessions at mibootcamp on hourly rates that will hopefully set you on the road to meeting those important fitness objectives.

To find out about how I can help you please view 

We discuss goals and objectives including past and present exercise history, any known medical conditions and establish whether your aims are short, medium or long term. We agree an initial programme including days, time and venue for your regular fitness sessions. I will devise an exercise workout tailor made for you - known as a periodisation programme. This commences at this stage.