Tony Holland


Signing up for the mi bootcamp 6 week challenge really was one of the best things I ever did, I lost 1 stone 6lb and 12 cm !! Russell is very knowledgeable and always happy to answer any questions . The meal plan is great and I one that I will continue to use and you get to train with a great bunch of people . I really can’t recommend mi bootcamp highly enough



Shelia Robinson

The challenge was hard for the 1st 2 weeks with how often you had to eat especially breakfast within half hour of rising. The bloating was very strange because how would this benefit you from loosing weight & cm. I thoroughly enjoy the challenge & the different variety of exercises. The biggest thing I learnt was that you only need to exercise for 30 minutes a day & long lengthy sessions actually slows your metabolism down


Angelique Holland 


My husband and I got in unhealthy bad habits over the last few years and didn’t do any exercise, so we decided to attend the 6 weeks challenge at Mibootcamp to kick start our system and get back to a healthier lifestyle. We loved it! Doing it as a couple is great, it gives us some us time away from home and kids. We have a good laugh during training. Going together is good motivation and it makes food shopping easier as we are both on same wave length. The recipe book provided by Russell is a great source of inspiration and many recipes were a big hit with the kids too. In just 6 weeks, not only I have lost 9lb (Hubby 16lb) but I feel so much better: happier, fitter, I sleep better, and I am a clothe size smaller!! We have met new friends. The group is so welcoming and friendly. Russell is professional and a good laugh too. By far our best decision in 2018, would recommend to anyone to attend.




Loved the strength sessions particularly but also learnt I could push myself in the hiit sessions without dying! Love exercising outdoors, find the group really friendly and supportive. Really enjoying exercise again!




I did the 6 week challenge at mi bootcamp and would highly recommend it. Russell is fab he offers support and encouragement throughout. The classes are fun, challenging but rewarding. I had so much fun getting fit and losing weight. The people that go are great as well, welcoming and you feel part of the mi bootcamp family. If I am honest I got addicted to it



Shelia Robinson

The challenge was hard for the 1st 2 weeks with how often you had to eat especially breakfast within half hour of rising. The bloating was very strange because how would this benefit you from loosing weight & cm. I thoroughly enjoy the challenge & the different variety of exercises. The biggest thing I learnt was that you only need to exercise for 30 minutes a day & long lengthy sessions actually slows your metabolism down



I've probably been on one diet or another for the best part of 25 years and whilst I would initially lose weight, old bad habits would gradually creep back in and I'd soon be back to square one or worse!
I joined MI Bootcamp, signing up to a six week transformation programme, with the hope that this would be something different that would finally give me the results I wanted.
I was so nervous on that first evening. I expected to have to work hard, deprive myself of the food and drink I loved and to physically hurt after each workout, but I also expected to feel really unfit, self-conscious, inadequate, finish last in every exercise and probably want to give up after two weeks. What I didn't expect was to be made to feel at home so quickly and to genuinely love turning up to every session as much as I do. The workouts are hard work and, yes, I was last in everything, but it doesn't matter. There's a real mixture of ages and abilities and everyone really does truly support each other.
The transformation programme taught me about a change in lifestyle and how to balance my diet to achieve sustainable results. It's not a crash diet, you might not even lose that much weight. I only lost 9 pounds in 12 weeks, so nowhere near as much as on other diets, but my body shape and how I think and feel about food and exercise is completely different to when I started. I haven't quite got that beach body yet but I am amazed at the results so far.
Russell is an inspiration. Supportive, encouraging, positive, enthusiastic...annoying...all the things you would expect from a first class personal trainer. He takes and gives his fair share of humorous abuse, but he makes you want to do better for yourself. Every session is different and fun....I honestly never thought I would look forwards to exercising at the end of a working day.
Thank you Russell and Mi Bootcamp...turning up on that first evening was one of the best decisions I have ever made!


Lizzy Lake

I had been to other boot camps where it felt very military but at Mi Bootcamp it is very different due to the variety of sessions and how friendly it is, it is great to go every night and feel very comfortable while exercising. Mibootcamp healped me with my goals because Russell made me realise that healthy eating is a way of life and not a quick fix diet. it is amazing how my body shape has changed by following your simple plan and exercising three times a week has improved my fitness and strength. I love seeing the results each week.

 My goals have been


  • To lose weight
  • to learn to enjoy exercise again.


        So far Ive achieved


  • Being able to lift heavier weights
  • Getting member of the month
  • Improved stamina
  • Change in body shape
  • Understanding food
  • Understanding the importance of drinking water
  • Making friends
  •  Just to say thank you Russell so much for being a great trainer!!!!!!!!!




Kaye Brinton

My main worry was that I would not fit in and, as I was unfit, I would not be able to keep up with everyone else. I thought I would constantly feel like a failure.  I did not expect to enjoy exercising outside when the weather was bad.  I also thought that ‘bootcamp’ sounded far too scary to be fun!

Russells positive encouragement and support has meant that a year and a half on, I am still enjoying the sessions, whatever the weather.  Russell has shown me that I don’t have to starve myself or nibble on lettuce leaves to shed some weight and that I can actually start to look at myself in a more positive way.  

Although my main goal was to tone up generally, I was really keen to improve the lower half of my body, particularly my legs.

I was also looking to find an interest for myself as my son had gone to university and my partner and other son had started working weekends. I realised that I needed to find a hobby that got me out of the house.

My achievements at Mibootcamp are

  • more toned
  • improved fitness – I can actually jog a few miles!!
  • clothes fitting better
  • More confidence
  • Actually enjoying exercising

Mibootcamp has definitely enabled me to become more confident generally.  I have always wanted to get fitter but found exercise really boring.  I have been coming to mibootcamp three times a week, for a year and a half now and I can honestly say that I am not bored.  I never expected to make good friends there either but the people are so welcoming and non-judgmental that it this has just naturally happened.  Everybody is supportive to one another which creates a lovely atmosphere for all.

I started the Mitransformation because I have never managed to stick to any kind of diet and usually end up eating more!  I do not feel that I am on a diet, it’s more about making healthy choices, especially with regard to snacks.  I do not feel hungry all the time and It’s definitely a way of eating that I intend to stick to.    Thank you !!!!


Tanya Greaves 

I wanted to Get fit and lose weight

  • I can now run (although not very fast) and have completed 3 muddy races
  • I can do the monkey bars - I couldn't a few years ago when I tried
  • I've lost weight and largely kept it off - the 6 week challenges help to refocus me when I slip up e.g. over Christmas

 Russell made me feel so welcome - you remembered my name (it's the little things like that which matter). You encouraged and praised me which motivated me to keep trying. The whole atmosphere was so warm and welcoming that within a few weeks I had a whole new group of friends and looked forward to going.

MiBootcamp is the only form of exercise I've ever stuck at (apart from Golf). I've dipped in and out of gyms for year. I love going and hate to miss it. I've made life long friends because of it and I feel fit, strong and healthy!

Many thanks Russell - I owe you!



Katie's Story 

Weight loss: 8lb

Cms Lost: 16.5cm

This experience has been one of the best of my life!  Throughout my twenties I have been a typical yoyo dieter, losing weight quickly only to pile it back on months later when I return to ‘normal’.  I have tried everything until this… I was introduced to the programme by a friend and had seen the changes it had on her.  After a long summer, I decided that enough was enough and I wanted to change.  I signed up initially for the 6 weeks and was worried, it seemed like a huge commitment, and it was but the best I have ever done.  I just had to get into a routine, with a busy job and long hours it meant preparing meals and completing my food diary in advance, it became part of my life, it meant I didn’t have to think about what I was eating it was done before I could make a wrong decision. Exercise had always been a part of my life but again I had been sporadic, and faddy.  I tried lots of different things but didn’t stick to any one thing. Bootcamp was perfect!  I could turn up, be told what to do and workout, no thinking about it, no weight rooms, no treadmills!  This programme has given me routine and a schedule and more importantly I have made such lovely friends and it has been such a support.  The food has been a huge learning curve for me, I had to relearn the basics and get rid of all the bad habits I had picked up at the various ‘diets’ I had tried.  But, it was back to basics and once you learn the key elements to the meals, it becomes second nature, even eating out wasn’t a minefield.  My favourite recipe is really hard to choose, there are so many!  But, I have two, Sweet and Sour Chicken and the Chicken Thai Green Curry.  I make sure that I make 4 portions, then I have one each for my husband and me for tea and then 2 for more lunches the next day, this takes the pressure off having to prepare another meal for lunch.  It has been a huge change trying to get my head around not losing lbs after lbs after lbs, but appreciating the other changes in my body – such as muscle development, centimetres loss and mindset.  The key to the programme is to trust it, be prepared and work hard.  I have come so far and still have a long way to go, but I can’t wait!


Daniel Baker's 12 week mitransformation Plan

To start with I wasn't sure I could actually do this. The outdoors bootcamp style isn't something I was used to at all. I have had bad experiences with personal trainers and gyms before, so to say I was nervous would be an understatement. All of these worries and anxieties soon went away when I started working with you and I was made to feel at ease and comfortable in the environment I was in. You have the patience of a saint and made time to answer ALL of my questions. Your knowledge and experience is outstanding and alongside all of this, you inspired and motivated me to keep pushing and striving to be the best I could be. Your communication during, after and between sessions was excellent and ensured I stayed on track. Due to all of your support and guidance, I am now more educated which ultimately supported my achievements. My goal was to lose weight.  Aiming to lose about two stone in three months. Never did I think I would lose four stone! Also was to increase my level of fitness. Prior to the programme I would get out of breath going up the stairs. Now I can achieve eight laps of the obstacle course in a session and my recovery time is much quicker than before.

 *I have lost four stone in three months

*I have dramatically improved my fitness

*My confidence has gone through the roof

*I have a better knowledge about fitness

*Eating habits have drastically improved 

*My mental and physical health has improved

*My Sleep pattern is more natural

*All in all I'm a happier and healthier person

Daniel Baker's results 
67.6 cms off measurements 
9% body fat loss
19.6kgs loss

 A massive thank you to Russell for seeing me through this 12 week body transformation and making me feel better about myself. It was tough at times but he gave me the confidence and self belief to keep going. 



Lotties Mitransformation Story 

When I started MiTransformation I looked at my before photos and cried. I don't think I really need to write much more than that now I've compared the two sets of photos. I'm over the moon. I feel like I've gained the knowledge to keep this up on my own (with occasional guidance from Russell) and keep going. Whether it be working out myself when I can't get to boot camp or making sure I remember to have my healthy snacks. The most important thing I have learnt was that the scales are not my friends. Some will look at my weight loss and not be very impressed and 6 weeks ago, that was me. Now I get on the scales just to see, but the measurements that have meant the most to me are the cms. I set myself a medium term goal to loose 20 cms before my birthday in June. It's April and I'm 1cm off of my target. I'm a long way off my long term goal but I'll get there and it doesn't even feel like it'll be a difficult challenge. The support from Russell and also the other MiTransformers has been brilliant. I wouldn't have been able to do it without them. If you want a healthier life style rather than just a quick fad diet then I'd strongly recommend a MiTransformation, I am so pleased with my results and can't wait to see how far I can go.


Mitransformation client got into her best dress

The biggest thing about the programme was the mindset change... I have always been fairly fit but got a little lazy! The recipes provided tasted great and were easy to prepare making it so much easier to plan my food for each week. The support group forum really helps as you feel you have people by your side the whole way along... On days where it was tough there was always someone to help you motivate yourself . Posting pics of your food also makes you far more conscious of what you are eating! The sessions are well structured and actually fun... Yes fun! The whole group are constantly encouraging each other and no one is left behind... It doesn't matter what size or shape you are, anyone can undertake this programme

Weight loss of 4.7kgs
22 cms off body 
5.2% body fat loss
4.7 kgs Fatloss


Desiree Oleary      Mitransformation

I just love the exercise aspect of it all. The food diaries are a great way of keeping track of what you're eating and drinking. All of this will keep you in a routine. I would recommend Anyone who want to get fit and change their body to join. I am happy with my transformation. 
Weight loss of 2.1kgs
12.5 cms off body 
2.8% body fat loss
2.6 kgs Fatloss


Dean Cole Mitransformation

From day one I've found the program enjoyable and easy to follow. Most food plans are boring and repetitive which makes you not want to carry on for long periods of time. The recipe ideas on MiTransformation are great, easy and tasty. As the weeks went on I used to base recipes to adapt and create my own ideas. Having a social support group among other transformation participants to talk to on the program was a great help to encourage each other and share ideas and results etc.
After changing my terrible eating habits, it's taught me just how easy it is to eat healthily. Preparing meals for a week or 2 in advance is convenient and cost effective. I will continue to use what I've learnt in future food choices. The program is suitable for a wide range of people. Whether you have a lot of weight to lose or you want to tone up, it's a great way to kick start a better you and start making the right choices. In the 6 weeks since I started, I've lost close to 2 stone in weight. I feel happier, more energetic and more confident. I've met some great like minded people and it's been fun!
Dean stats
Weight loss of 12.9kgs
20.5cms off body 
6% body fat loss
10kgs Fatloss


Kathryn's Mitransformation journey

I have loved the programme and the transformation. Each recipe was easy to follow and delicious. I have loved my new found energy and a change in habits. The biggest change was eating so soon after getting up! I have loved the ongoing encouragement from you and the group on the transformation page with me. Having the weekly weighs and measurements has kept me focussed and seeing everyone's food diary gives the constant encouragement! I have truly learnt that the scales are not the be all and end all on my journey.. Having lost 26cm in 6 weeks has been astonishing .. I didn't lost the most weight but feel fitter more toned healthier and happier. For the first time in my life I enjoy exercising. The bootcamps are fun and welcoming and I always leave feeling energetic and buzzing. I can't begin to explain how much better I feel after a bootcamp session. I am More productive at work and feel like a new person! Thank you mibootcamp (Russel) I can't wait to start the next 6 weeks of transformation !

Weight loss 1.9kgs
Measurement loss of 26cm's 
4.3% Body fat loss
Lean muscle added 2kg's
Fat loss = 3.9kg's


Luke Ridley

I've always lacked focus when it came to exercise and diet. For years I'd tried going to the gym but would either find it too much effort to go or get bored very quickly while I was there. One of my friends already attended MiBootcamp and suggested I tried it. After the first session I was already hooked. And found myself signing up for personal training almost immediately. The combination of the group and the trainer has encouraged me to go further and take part in a tough mudder event, something which I wouldn't have been able to complete before. Personal training as since given me the focus and concentration I needed. I now find keeping track of my diet easy. By keeping it fun Russell as helped me achieve the results that I wanted.


Martin Bircher

For a number of years I had struggled with my weight and diet. I started to improve my training regime with gym sessions, but these could at times become tedious and there was a lack of results. I remember a conversation with some friends who suggested I got involved in more social fitness activities and was recommended the free 7 day trial at mibootcamp. Like most new starters I was a little sceptical at first, but felt welcome very quickly. Since beginning training with mibootcamp I’ve started to feel more confident about myself and met good friends who are all very supportive. The sessions themselves offer a variety of activities and there is always a fun, vibrant atmosphere. Thanks to the help and guidance offered at mibootcamp I’ve improved on the diet and nutrition side, without it feeling like a chore and noticed results in terms of my fitness performance and completion times achieved in cycling and running events. I look forward to taking on new and even tougher challenges and working with mibootcamp on achieving future success.


Michelle Kirkwood

I have spent my life being unhappy with my appearance, but when my weight also started affecting my health, I decided it was time to take action.I had heard about Mi Bootcamp through my friend Jon who had been a few times, and with his encouragement and support I decided to sign up and give it a go.I was very apprehensive as I didn’t think someone my size or fitness level would be able to cope, however the great thing about the sessions are that they are tailored for all abilities. Whilst they have been challenging, the instructors and other members have always been there to encourage me and my fitness level has improved significantly. If you are worried about your size or your ability, then don’t let that stop you signing up, as these are the very things that drove me there in the first place and should be the reasons you decide to go, not an excuse not to! I am over half way on my weight loss and fitness journey, losing over 7 stone since I started 18 months ago. Mi Bootcamp has given me more drive and energy, whilst having fun, getting fit and making friends along the way! Make 2015 the year you sign up. It could change your life forever.


Lisa Whitehouse

About a year ago, I came back from my summer holiday and decided that I needed to change a few things to my life style.  Firstly my diet 'antics' and secondly my exercise regime.  A friend of mine was a member of Mi Bootcamp, and I had seen her change over a period of time, and I thought 'I want to be able to do that!' I want to be able to change my attitude to exercise and food.  And I guess this is where my journey began.  I made the step to join Mi Bootcamp, within a few weeks I came to realise that small changes make the biggest difference.  I was starting to feel more alert, happier within myself and had made some great friends along the way who were out to achieve similar goals to me. In September of last year I signed up for the '6 week challenge' this was amazing! It taught me that you can loose weight without just eating chicken and salade! I have had some testing times in the last year! Including breaking my leg ( nothing to do with bootcamp!) but with the support of the trainers and booty buddies I was back just after 2 months.  This year I enrolled onto Mi Weigh, where I continue to attend monthly sessions. The only advice I would give right now would be 'Don't let anybody tell you can't do it! Because you can!' X


Leah O'Sullivan

I wanted to get fit as I hated the way I looked. So far everything I tried just didn't work or I got bored so Paul Youngman suggested I try MiBootcamp. I hadn't heard much about bootcamp but thought "What the hell I will try it".I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to do it but everyone at MiBootcamp, including trainers Russell Byham and Paul are so supportive and make you feel part of a true team from day one.  To say I enjoy bootcamp now is an understatement. It is part of my life and I can fit it in right around my life style.  The best thing about MiBootcamp has to be the fact that it's a true team fitness activity which is full of encouragement from others and I have gained good friends from going to MiBootcamp over the months.  It's fun which to me makes keeping fit so much easier. I recommend joining up, like I did, to everyone.


Steve Rolls

Before I tried Bootcamp I never did any cardio, hated running machines and cross trainers because they bored me so much! Bootcamp is fun, fast paced and explosive! It gets you fit and is great for burning fat fast when you watch your calorie intake. Russell really knows his stuff and has helped me transform my body. Mi Bootcamp is the best there is!


Vikki Greenwood

My goal was to be able to look in the mirror and like what I see!I chose MiBootcamp because my friend was getting great results, and knew I couldn't do it alone!The biggest thing I have learnt is that almost anything is possible if you work at it ...and just how many "burpees" that extra helping will cost me!!!The best part about MiBootcamp is the people, you really feel part of something, it doesn't matter how fit you are now; we all came from a place where we were not fit enough and remember it well!Every time a newbie joins it reminds you how far you have come and how much you want to help that person get to where you are now!


Daniel E. Freitas

My goal was to lose a stone in weight and learn about the right foods and nutrition to eat as I knew my eating habits were all wrong but I was not how to rectify it.Getting fed up and unhappy with my weight and how I was feeling in myself, my clothes were too tight and I felt tired all the time. I knew something had to change so I asked my wife to take a picture of me to see if it was as bad as a thought. It was.I found MiBootcamp on the internet and contacted Russell and signed up for the 6 week challenge.I have exceeded my goals and lost a stone and a half in weight. My eating habits have changed dramatically and my whole outlook on food and drink has changed.The knowledge that Russell has shared has been invaluable. The training sessions are varied which help in different areas of fitness, weight loss and toning.Working outdoors in group sessions makes it fun and pushes you harder than solo in a gym.I would highly recommend the six week challenge as the food and nutrition advice from Russell has been a learning tool which I use on a day to day basis. Eating the right foods has also cured my heartburn which I suffered with for over eight years. It might sound like a cliché but without Russell's advice and MiBootcamp training I wouldn't have achieved my goals.


Heidi Danckert

Like most girls I tried every diet going. Atkins, followed by Weightwatchers, the Special K cereal diet and, finally, basic calorie counting. All of these diets had short term effects and as soon as I started eating normally again the weight piled back on. I'd been a member of different gyms in the Chelmsford and Braintree area but it always felt like such an effort to go. I had never been an outdoors person so when a friend tried to convince me to try a session at MiBootcamp I was less than enthusiastic! The thought of exercising in the cold, getting wet, muddy and dirty just didn't appeal to me in the slightest. She told me I should try boxing and I honestly thought I'd hate it. My first session with MiBootcamp was in April 2012 for Thursday night Boxercise. I was really nervous and thought I'd show myself up! I couldn't believe how encouraging and friendly everybody was and Russell in particular was really welcoming. I had to admit to my friend that I'd really enjoyed myself and I was going to try the other sessions. Now my attitude towards exercise and healthy living couldn't be more different. I've taken part in a few of the 6 week challenges in order to lose weight and tone up. I never believed anyone who said the key to weight loss was 'a healthy diet and exercise' but I couldn't have been more wrong. Russell's weekly talks during the challenges made me realise the effects certain foods had on my body and for the first time I realised that eating healthily didn't mean eating a salad every night of the week! Since joining Mi Bootcamp I have run 2 half marathons, lost nearly a stone in weight, and made a whole new network of friends. I am much happier and have more confidence in myself and absolutely love the variety of workouts that Russell provides us with. He is motivational, inspirational and extremely encouraging and strives to make sure every single member at bootcamp gets the best from their workout and strives to help people achieve their goals. I owe a big thank you to Russell Byham for setting up such a great business; I couldn't have done this without his help and support. MiBootcamp, I salute you!


Matt Nairn

 I Joined MiBootcamp in April 2013 and haven't looked back since.Before joining on a friend’s recommendation I was going to the gym and kind of struggling motivating myself to achieve anything. I felt that I was getting stronger in what I was doing but still couldn't improve my fitness. A friend said to me to try one session at MiBootcamp and then go from there and see how I felt. I was a bit nervous at first in front of so many new people that I didn’t know and being the last one doing something. However everyone there was really supportive in helping me to go through and push that little bit harder than you would do on your own. After this I loved it so much I think the next day I quit the gym and set myself a target of losing 2 inches off my waist so fit in some clothes I hadn't worn for ages.Now I have been going for 10 months and can look back at the achievements that Russell has helped me to complete.Not long after joining MiBootcamp I lost my Nan to cancer and decided that I would try to raise some money in her name. Thanks to Russell, and also some fellow MiBootcamp members, I was able to raise £1000 for charity by completing Mersea's run around the island - a 12.5 mile run. This was something I never would have been able to achieve without the help and support of everyone and at the end of the year I was voted runner up “Bootcamper of the Year” - a personal highlight! Now I can look back and say the best decision I made last year was joining MiBootcamp which has helped me to achieve my target of weight loss and I have also made some very good friends in the process.


Joanne Bowles

 I have always been one of those crazy dieters, you name it I’ve done it and I have always been on and off with the gym but seemed to lose interest when I didn’t get quick results and didn’t seem to push myself as hard as I could have.  A friend introduced me to MiBootcamp as I wanted the perfect bikini body, like we all do, for my girly holiday. Russell has not only taught me to push myself with my fitness but has also helped me change my lifestyle by teaching me about the correct foods to eat and has banished my yo-yo dieting which has always been my little demon! MiBootcamp and Russell’s PT Sessions have helped me gain the body confidence I needed and has taught me a different way to work out - not just the standard cardio and weight lifting - and has made working out fun and enjoyable. 2 years on I’m still sticking with it, I now love exercise and no longer see it as a chore but as part of my daily lifestyle and I haven’t tried a single fad diet.  At each training session either at MiBootcamp or on a ‘one on one’ I push myself that little bit more rather than giving up.To date I have lost 2.5 stone, am 2 dress sizes smaller and I’m still going.


Sarah Ruffell

Following an ankle operation that left me out of exercise for 2 and a half years and the typical University living I rapidly gained 4 stone. As soon as I was given the all clear I joined a local gym. This worked for the first few weeks but the novelty soon wore off and I became bored very quickly. It was then that my neighbour introduced me to MiBootcamp. This was perfect for me- outside in the fresh air, variety in the exercise choices, a motivational instructor and to top it all off, it was on my way home from work!! I loved it. It meant I could give variety to my exercise regime and make some fantastic friends at the same time. After a few weeks of bootcamp I enrolled in the 6-week challenge. By making a few simple changes to my diet and with the support from MiBootcamp I ended up losing over a stone. I saw dramatic inch losses on my problem areas, which were my thighs and my lower half. 3 challenges later and 2 years of hard work and I have lost a total of 6 stone. I never expected to reach where I am today and now exercise is part of my every day routine. I look forward to the future as a new confident individual, which is all down to MiBootcamp


Jon Mitson

When I started going to MiBootcamp I was feeling over weight and lethargic.  It's a really good hour, there is a lot of variation and the people who attend are a real laugh.Although it can be hard work at times MiBootcamp improved my fitness levels no end and I lost two stone in a year.Russell is a great trainer, encouraging and knowledgeable whether you want to lose weight, tone up, or just improve your diet!I would recommend to anyone whatever age or fitness that you come and give it a go!


Jennifer Sturt

I started going to MiBootcamp not intending to lose any weight or achieve any goals but rapidly found my body shape changing, my confidence building and my fitness improving. A year later I was a stone and a half lighter, two dress sizes smaller and 110% more confidant in myself. I made some great friends and have been inspired by them to keep fit, eat well and even register for a half marathon! MiBootcamp is so much fun and I would recommend it to anyone!Russell is a great trainer and really knows his stuff; not just about exercise and achieving great results, but how to make the sessions entertaining and exciting too.


Karen Corbett

I had started going out running with my friend and whilst I initially lost a little weight it wasn't significant and I couldn't seem to get over three miles.  Back in April 2012, my friend and I joined MiBootcamp on the 6 week challenge this opened up a whole new experience in exercising! I had gone from a light jog to flipping lorry tyres, boxing, and other exercise I never dreamed I was capable of and little by little I started to notice changes. This has massively helped by all the nutritional advice ... and the "science bit" that Russell explained on a weekly basis as well as being weighed each week.Soon, other people, started to notice my husband, family members, friends and before I knew it I was almost two stones lighter and three dress sizes smaller.The change has completely changed my life ... I LOVE to exercise. I make sure I fit in 4 to 5 sessions per week combining MiBootcamp and running. I have achieved so much and after having three children I am back to my pre pregnancy body.I am so proud and honoured to be part of such a wonderful, fun and friendly group of people Russell has been supportive, motivating and inspirational ... I can't say thank you enough! If there is one resolution you make this year ... join MiBootcamp.