Tor's Story 

It’s not easy posting pictures of yourself online, and there will be those who will find reason to criticise and call this narcissism.
But for me this about recovery..... those of you who know me well have experienced my yo-yo dieting, my endless criticism of my body, periods of starvation, periods of binging, periods of exercising for 4 hours a day - all doing damage to my mind and body. 
All that has finally ended over the last few months as I’ve finally begun to look at my body with more kindness.
And it’s because of Mi Bootcamp. Over the last 12 months I’ve been going to The Lean Plan. Despite many people telling me that If I lift weights I’ll bulk up - I’ve lost weight, reduced my body fat percentage (significantly), I’ve lost inches of my waist and hips.
But most importantly - I’ve become happier with how I look. I feel strong and fit. 
Gone is the daily (and often more) stepping on and off the scale, starving myself, weighing myself after everything I ate! Instead I go by how I feel! 
I can’t thank Russell Byham was enough for guiding me through this. Even today he said take a progress photo - and despite my objection, he was right! I’ve changed again!
It really is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! It’s a great supportive environment - I’ve laughed so much with these people! They’ve become some of my best friends!
Thanks too for the persistence of Nat Pledger ensuring I get my technique right!
I still have hang ups, there’s things I’d still like to change - but today I can accept that I’m happier with how I look. And thats recovery!