Bronze Membership - Starter Fit 

- Access to outdoor strength sessions 3 a week.


- Basic nutrition guidance for healthier eating habits.


- Exclusive access to our vibrant members' online community for support and motivation.


- No Contract ( 30 days notice of cancelation)


- Monthly membership fee: £79 START NOW

- Couples Monthly membership fee: £139 START NOW



Silver Membership - "Active Lifestyle" 


-  Access to unimted sessions including Boxing Fit  / Bootcamp / Strength allowing you to stay active and on course 

- Benefit from unlimited open turf access, using our range of equipment -  when it suits you! 


- Weekly strength training classes for building strength and muscle tone.


- Personalised nutrition plan and ongoing guidance.


- Monthly group fitness assessment and progress tracking to fine-tune your fitness journey.


- Priority booking and early access to workshops special events for a top-notch fitness experience.


- Access to our members' online community and a wealth of fitness resources.


- Access to our WhatsApp members' online community support and a wealth of teams fitness experience round the clock and resources.


- Monthly membership fee: £89. START NOW

- Couples Monthly membership fee: £159 START NOW 


Gold Membership - "Small Group PT"



🌟 Unlock Your Ultimate Fitness Potential with Our Exclusive Small Group Training! 🌟


💪 Elevate your workout experience with our intimate sessions limited to just 6 individuals!


🏋️‍♂️ 3 power-packed sessions per week, maximizing results and minimizing group size for personalized attention.


⏰ Convenient schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at 7 pm - Fit for your busy lifestyle!


👥 Join a select community committed to achieving fitness goals together!


Only 6 spots available! DM us now to secure your place and embark on your fitness journey! 💬


- Monthly membership fee: £249  START NOW

- Couples Monthly membership fee: £349 START NOW


We provide an extensive range of options to cater to different fitness levels and goals, offering flexibility, personalisation, and a strong sense of community for our committed members.



  •  1 x PT a weekly
  •  Free nutrition plan
  •  Body scan and analysis checks
  •  Postural analysis test sheet
  •  Unlimited access all mibootcamps sessions
  •  Rolling monthly payment
  •  1-month cancellation notice
  •  3 month min commitment









  • 2 x PT a weekly
  • Free nutrition plan
  • Body scan and analysis checks
  • Postural analysis test sheet
  • Unlimited access all mibootcamps sessions
  • Rolling monthly payment
  • 1-month cancellation notice
  • 3 month min commitment