What Is Boxing fit?


Boxing Fit classes are interval-based, meaning that the intensity changes throughout the class allowing for periods of both high and moderate-intensity training


In addition, this boxing is a great workout because it is in a group setting that sets the stage nicely for social support, camaraderie, and inspiration while also targeting all major muscle groups across all planes of motion.


When signing up for one of our 6 week courses, Wraps are provided, but you need to buy wraps in order to protect your hands (seriously, you'll bleed without them). It takes a few tries to perfect the art of wrapping, but once you do, you legit feel like Rocky. The boxing area is split into numbered bags.  Throughout the class, you switch between on the bags, each punch corresponds to a number: on your left-hand side, the jab (punch straight ahead) is one, hook (punching across) three, and uppercut (punching upwards) five while on your right side, the jab is two, the hook is four, and the uppercut six.


 The trainers will go through different combos of numbers onto the wall throughout each round. It sounds confusing—and it is, for about 10 minutes in your first session—but eventually, you get the hang of it, I promise. This Boxing fit class is as much about serious technique as it is about getting fit, so you’re encouraged to take on a boxer’s stance and block as you would if the bag was about to retaliate.

Around the bootcamp area there will be weight plates that are utilized at different times throughout class. Each class has a different focus. Each of our instructors have different styles, from their playlist to their teaching approach. But what’s standard is that throughout the 45-50 minutes you go from punching the bag to various workouts (think burpees, push-ups, pull-ups, squats with weight plates, ab bicycles) before switching back to the bag to start all over again. Rather than intervals, and sticking with the boxing theme, each segment is called a round. Rounds can last anywhere from three to seven minutes, and the shorter and sharper the rounds, the faster you will feel the class goes. Needless to say, you’re left soaked in sweat by the end of it. 

 Benefits of a Boxing Workout

• Strengthens the core

 • Improves balance and posture

 • Improves mental acuity

 • Boosts endurance

 Like any aerobic exercise, boxing gets your heart pumping and can, therefore, help lower the risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.  A single boxing class combines a blending of a variety of training variables that forces the body to adapt. In one part of a boxing class, you may be training balance, coordination, muscular endurance, speed, the cardiorespiratory system, and cognition all at the same time. Boxing helps with your cognitive and mental health, thanks to all that hand-eye coordination and the overall intensity. 



We understand your hesitation to make another commitment to another fitness facility or gym again. We are so confident we can help you and that you will enjoy becoming part of our community , we offer a weeks trial. Learn more about what we can offer you and to discover in your 14 day trial

We look forward to sweating with you!