Our programs are structured and based on science. At Mibootcamp you will sweat, but it will not be without an extremely well thought-out plan. We build bodies not break them. Our training method follows meticulously structured cycles which lead members through different phases each with the goal to increase strength and endurance and increase lean body shape. Our system is the same that athletes use to achieve results – if you trust the process, you will be amazed at what you can achieve.




Our bootcamp classes will push members beyond their comfort zones and reach levels they never knew existed! So get comfortable feeling uncomfortable in our bootcamp  classes with a strong emphasis on teamwork. Working together, our classes are designed to get people working beyond their limits, for their fellow members! With a little bit of competition thrown in a few times a week, this part of our philosophy really helps to build that bond and sense of community between our members, whilst giving an unparalleled workout!




When it comes to our strength training, firstly, we aim to give members what is vital to making the improvements they desire; and that comes through progressive overload. Our programming is built over a 12 week phase, with each 12 weeks split into 4 weeks of Hypertrophy Training, 4 weeks of Strength and 4 weeks of Power. With the programming changing every 6 weeks, the body is constantly having to adapt to new stimuluses, and this is what leads to results. Not only are our sessions scientifically designed, with a focus on compound lifts, but our ethos of Training together is always apparent, with members training in pairs or groups to push one another to continue to make that progression in a fun and motivating environment.


With over two decades experience and a leading expert in the fitness industry, we also offer the unique opportunity to work with Mibootcamp's founder, Russell Byham who has proven success with clients, each with differing goals, levels of experience and lifestyles. When creating your training program and nutrition plan, Russell will take into account a multitude of individual variables that are unique to you. This means you aren't following cookie cutter advice but specific protocols designed for you and making your progress much faster and more effective. Russell provides a personal experience using evidence based methods (no BS), which includes in depth coaching (both on and off-line) with weekly check-ins and weigh-ins and unlimited and unrivalled support throughout the week. 
Are you attempting to maintain or lose weight? To improve overall strength or achieve personal bests with weight training? Do you train so that you can feel your endorphins flow and your mood lift? Are you wanting to learn new skills or meet new people? Or, are you training with a specific event on the horizon? Regardless of how and why you want to exercise, we can facilitate it all!

Go team up APP

Mibootcamp offers its members an app powered by Goteam up which allows you to book your sessions on the go and learn about the classes available to you within your membership. It’s an easy convenient solution to booking into our bootcamp or strength classes!