Russell Byham    Founder of MiBootcamp/Lean plan

I’ve worked in the fitness industry since 2004. I have worked in gyms, health clubs and spas in Essex and South London. My passion lies primarily in health, wellness and weight loss and over the years in the industry I have worked with many types of clients from those with obesity and weight loss problems and enjoy helping people achieving their own health goals.

For 7 months I was a Fitness Director on a luxury ocean liner cruising in South, Central and North America and the Caribbean. There after I realised there was an element of mistrust in the fitness industry and a lack of personal service with high end gyms. I want to deliver a fantastic environment that would make people feel welcome, comfortable and more interactive whilst being active as well as being given a great customer care service.

However, in my last few years of high school, when we were encouraged to think about our future career path and I expressed an interest in this industry my school PE teacher told me that my chances were slim. I think that what he really meant was that I wasn’t slim enough! Let me explain.

Growing up in my teens wasn’t easy. I loved sport - football, rugby, basketball etc, but was always picked on and bullied for being slightly overweight... Well perhaps, actually, I would have been classed as obese.

Name calling was a regular thing and something I got pretty used to after a while and just lived with it during my teens, but I was never happy and carried on getting bigger and bigger. One day my mum suggested I join a kid’s club called ‘Jax’ which was at a local leisure centre that allowed children between the ages of 12 – 15 go the gym.

Going there was very nerve wracking and pretty intimidating to imagine. I went quite a bit wearing a big baggy t-shirt thinking no one would realise I was fat. As time went on I got fed up not seeing results and gave up after about 3 months.

Nerves got the best of me. I felt I never really knew what I was doing and found cycling and the stepper machine to be a real drag of time and energy. Time passed and school was the same old bullying and again I was gaining weight.

One day I was kicking a ball about playing curbsy by myself one evening outside my house when a car drove by full of lads about 5 or 6 years older than myself shouting fat comments out the window of their car. I just looked up and paused for couple of seconds shocked by their cruel comments.

After they had left the road I strolled to the curb and sat there with my football feeling sorry for myself; I wept for 5 minutes taking it all in. The years of chants, bullying, kicks and more affected me and I felt I’d had enough.

Then I decided that enough was enough and I had to take action. I had to do whatever it took to make this right. I was determined that from that day on I would do something every day to lose the weight. I stood up and kicked the ball onto my front garden and began to run the whole block. I got to 200 yards and felt sick and felt I was going to faint.

However, it was the next day I was attacked again after school but this just made me more determined and that day I doubled my distance and ran 400 yards. Every day I would run that bit further. Over a week had passed and I did the whole block which was probably just under a mile long. Now feeling inspired to keep going, setting new goals and challenges. I felt great. I didn’t feel after looking in the mirror that things changed but I felt damn good about myself for a change.

I tried the gym again and went as often as I could. I hated wearing my big baggy t- shirt but I had more determination to succeed. I went 3-4 times a week. I read books and magazines to try look at exercise ideas and how to run properly rather than like a penguin! I learnt how to run better and breathe better. I learnt more weight training and abdominal work. I forced myself to go the gym.

It was in a PE class at school a month later that I was getting changed when a kid called my name. I turned around to see someone who used to shout things about me being fat and I instantly thought, “Oh here we go again!”

But instead, he said “You look like you’ve lost some weight.” This got the other boys’ attention and they all turned round to see for themselves. Don’t get me wrong, I was still a little overweight at this point but people noticed my efforts. It was a massive confidence boost to know I was going in the right direction. I just answered “Thank you very much,” and said nothing about my fitness regime. I was going to keep it a secret till the job was done.

This made me raise my game. Over time I learnt new ways to exercise and educated myself on fitness. As time went on, not seeing some friends or family for weeks on end, I would head out and they would start saying I looked slimmer. I had lost a lot of weight now and was generally looking better. This was all great stuff to keep me going and to know I was fighting. Fighting the bullies by showing them I had taken a stand.

I was achieving what I set myself out to do a year before. I achieved my goal to lose weight by the time I was 16. By this time people knew I had been going to the gym and I then got silly nick names like Mr Motivator! Family noticed. Friends noticed. And by my surprise, I was getting noticed a lot by girls... Wow!

People used to ask me for advice and would love to share my story after they had seen my transition. College friends would ask to come training with me and we would go to the gym together or go running. I was showing them exercises in parks as well as different training techniques. By the time I was 19 I had fitnessprofessionals asking my advice!

I love helping people to achieve their goals and to see them going through the emotions and adaptations of the highs and lows of a journey which changed my life. If I knew back then what I know now today it would have been a lot easier but that’s why I am here with you today. I wish I had had someone to tell me why, what, when and how back then.

However, what I have learned is that while you should listen to the advice of your teachers they don’t always get it right – I wasn’t encouraged to develop a career in the fitness industry due to my weight. I’m proud that I have proved people wrong.

I have spent many Years in the industry now I have gained so much experience and knowledge and so blessed so many people are joining in on the Lean plan and seeing great results. I wanted to create something where I could help inspire encourage and support others to become FITTER, STRONGER and become more CONFIDENT


Lloyd Ramsey 

Since completing a two year study of Sport and Exercise Science at college in 2009 I have always had a keen interest in the fitness industry. I continued to develop my career by working as a Gym Instructor and Kickboxing Coach where I also gained my level 3 Personal Trainer qualification. Since then I have taken on various roles, including working as a specialist Group Personal Trainer where I took responsibility for individually training over 200 members. More recently I have worked as a freelance Personal Trainer and I really enjoy going the extra mile for the individual needs of my clients. After finding out about Mi-Bootcamp and witnessing the team spirit and performance of Mi-Bootcamp members I knew that working for Mi-Bootcamp was a great opportunity not to be missed! 


Paul Youngman


I decided to give up my old career in sales in 2000 to pursue my interest in all aspects of fitness. I went back to full time education and gained my qualifications in personal training and Sports Injury Therapy in 2001.
Since then I have worked as a personal trainer and gym manager in the fitness industry in both the private and public sector and have also worked with Russell many times - always recognising his outstanding enthusiasm and ability to inspire and motivate people of all levels of fitness.
I love to take part in sport myself, despite being in my 40's (!), and love to keep the MI Bootcamp sessions fun for all the participants. By the start of 2014 I had completed 12 marathons, half a dozen triathlons. Try Mi Bootcamp - Its fun, its sociable, its challenging and it works!!!




 Tommo began his fitness journey when he boxed for the Royal Navy. He wasn't allowed to touch weights as he had to keep his weight down to fight. But as soon as he left the Navy and became a PT he started to lift. And lift big! He now competes as a strongman and has recently been crowned Essex's second Strongest Man.