Russell Byham    The Founder 

I’m the Founder of mibootcamp and whilst I’m not a complete idiot, you should be aware there are some parts missing. I’m pretty open about me literally being the fat kid in the candy store when I was growing up, which is my reason for joining the fitness community and that’s driven me to support, inspire and educate people to become a fitter, leaner and stronger version of themselves.

Having worked in the fitness industry since 2004, I’ve spent thousands of hours on the gym floor both in the UK and offshore on cruise ships, so I know the environment well. I’ve also worked with a lot of people, real people. Something so small can make my client more comfortable and confident progressing from a treadmill to a squat with a barbell, which comes from listening and experience, not a bunch of letters after my name. My hobbies are breakfast, lunch and dinner with a little bit of red wine and coffee as and when required.  I'm proud of the community at mibootcamp and the number of people I've helped to become better versions of themselves since 2010. I strongly believe that we can't become what we need to be, by remaining what we are.



Reece Ansell

Once I left school I studied 3 years of sports science and fitness and obtained my level 3 qualification at college. I had plans to go to university but I was happy working and had some great friends around me so I decided to stay and continued gaining experience in work for 3 years. 
I then decided that I wanted to get a trade so I went self-employed and took a job as an electrician and returned to college to study and get my qualification in the trade industry. One day I was asked to lift a heavy item and pulled my back, which left me out of action and work for 4 weeks. During this time, I didn't do any exercise and ate and drank rubbish and gained a stone and a half of weight. Once I was back at work, I never lost that weight and decided that I was comfortable and did not have time to train or have the mindset to lose weight. 

Last year I decided that I hated the way I looked. I was unfit, my clothes were too tight and I was unable to complete normal tasks at work with as much ease. So I made a life changing decision and I started training again. In just a year I've lost nearly 20kg and now weigh 88kg. I've started gaining muscle mass and my body fat percentage has dropped to nearly 20%. 

It's only now that when I look back at photos and see how much progression I've made that I feel proud of what I've achieved through hard work and determination; I feel better, I'm more confident, my clothes fit better and I have an all round healthier lifestyle. 

Being part of the Mibootcamp team now I've been on my own personal journey, I can use my experience, skills and knowledge to support you with your goals and help grow your confidence by stepping outside your comfort zone and just turning up and doing your best. 



Greg Devenish

There are no shortcuts. Work hard. Be patient. Be consistent

I decided to make a career change about 2 years ago whilst working for a wedding venue company as a bar manager. Fitness has always been a big part of my life and I wanted to do something that I could enjoy, and help people at the same time. I gained my Level 2 Gym Instructor, Level 3 Personal Trainer and Level 3 BTEC in Sports Exercise and Science and started working for a gym at a golf and country club. This has given me great experience in working closely with all different types of people with varying goals and ambitions. The atmosphere within the groups at Mibootcamp is a great balance of relaxed, fun and hard working. Russell has a great layout and created a brilliant atmosphere between the members, so I'm really excited to be joining the team.

I have experience in helping people of all ages and abilities. When working one on one with clients, I always try and make sure they become better independent trainers, and educate them along the way. I am looking forward to helping you to build lean mass, improve your strength, provide detailed nutritional information and ensure you enjoy functional training.
See you all soon.


Holly Thompson

Focus on the weight you lift, not the weight you lose

I started my fitness journey studying A level PE at KEGS and then qualified as a Level 3 Personal Trainer with Graspp Fitness. Health, wellbeing and fitness has always been my passion. From an early age I've always been involved in sport and fitness, competing at a regional level in swimming and more recently I've been training consistently at the gym for the past 3 years. I enjoy powerlifting and bodybuilding style of training the most. As a Personal Trainer I enjoy helping people to change their lifestyles and make healthier choices whilst still maintaining a good work life balance. 
I'm really excited to be part of the Mibootcamp team. I want to help you achieve your goals without sacrificing your happiness and lifestyle. It's been so rewarding to see members on the 6 week challenge growing in confidence, strength and wellbeing.