Buggy Bootcamp

MiBuggy BootCamp workouts offer a safe, effective and specific 60 minute workout with no childcare concerns

You bring your baby in your buggy! Our sessions are designed around your baby and their buggy, our hands on buggy workout cannot be compared to any other sessions locally - you won’t be disappointed!MiBuggy bootcamp workouts will burn off the excess “baby fat” with lots of cardio pushing intervals.You will tighten and tone your muscles with resistance training, Improve core stability for a healthier back and flatter abs and condition your pelvic floor so you can sneeze with ease! MiBuggyBootcamp utilises your buggy as part of the exercise equipment! You can reduce the risk of post-natal depression.  You will also meet other young mums with similar concerns and interests and, as an added extra, have fun along the way!


We run these sessions From early April to late September