MiBootcamp promotes Team building with lots of FUN as an aid to increased productivity and team spirit 

MIbootcamp is committed to helping your employees to be fitter, healthier, happier and productive TOGETHER

 It is widely known that employees who exercise regularly enjoy the following benefits


• Less time off work due to illness

• Reduced stress levels and better sleep patterns

• More energy and better alertness during their normal working day

• At Mibootcamp we know how important the work-life balance is so we have fitness classes to suit the demanding lifestyles of working professionals while helping them to stay healthy! We offer weekly classes to suit everyone


As an employer there are a number of things that you can do to encourage your employees to be more productive physically active and mentally 


Mibootcamp is FUN and highly participative


When you take part in our Mibootcamp Team building you are going through the same thing with everyone else together and a common bond will be formed/reformed. You will form friendships and achieve a great team  working as one within your groups. 


The benefits doing our TEAMBUIDLING EVENT have been proven time and time again and include:


• Improve company’s workforce (Better individual concentration &, motivation)

• Improve employee’s happiness & satisfaction.

• Improve employee’s health & reduce stress.

• Reduce staff absenteeism and sick leave.

• Improve productivity & energy levels.

• Recruitment incentive for potential employees.


We can arranged time and date that suits you and explain to you the benefits of choosing Mibootcamp Team building . 




  1. Group Team point circuit
  2. Strategy and thinking out the box 
  3. Team games
  4. Debriefing 


If you would like to arrange package thereafter or look to us for support for your TEAM where your company/staff can come and use mibootcamp we can discuss benefit packages with you


2.1/2 are usually minimal of 10 MAX 30.  £20 for event per team member